Short films to showcase you

Short films and videos can be used to showcase a wide array of services, products, events and community projects.

In today’s digital world, video is seen as a key marketing tool and short films are proven to increase user engagement on websites and boost sales conversion rates.

Short films are also an essential tool for getting your message across, be it for a community project, a teaser for a forthcoming event or anything else that you may want to publicise.

We can also record and document events or other subjects such as private parties, music festivals, sporting events, community events, fundraisers and documentary style films.

Using state of the art drones and ground based cameras we can capture stunning imagery to create eye-catching short films.

Live streaming of aerial footage is also possible via Facebook Live and YouTube.

We can help you with every stage of production from planning and story boarding, locations, filming and providing a complete editing service.

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