Jack Stocker – Down to The Sea

downhill sport photography

Down to the Sea

We hooked up with Tintagel based mountain biker Jack Stocker to make a short film about his downhill shenanigans on the North Cornwall coastline. For this we utilised both aerial imaging from drones and ground based filming.

The beautiful scenery combined perfectly with Jack’s natural enthusiasm for throwing himself off anything on his bike. There were a few ‘heart in the mouth’ moments but no mountain bikers were hurt during the making of this film!

Our Cinestar 8 Octocopter was the perfect tool for tracking Jack down some amazing coastal trails towards the ocean. The MOVI-5 gimbal kept everything smooth and stable in both aerial and handheld modes. 

Hopefully this won’t be the last time we work with Jack so watch this space. We have already identified some new ones for Jack to attempt but this will most likely have to wait a while.

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