Unlocking Lockdown

After what has been a quite unprecedented first half of the year, I can only hope that you have managed to come though it relatively unscathed. As lockdown begins to be eased, hopefully we can see the first green shoots of regrowth and all begin to take our businesses and lives forward into whatever the ‘new-normal’ is.

We are extremely lucky to have been able to spend lockdown in our beautiful home village of Crackington Haven in North Cornwall. We’ve been enjoying the slower pace of life and taking daily walks around our beautiful parish and along the South West Coast Path. All the while we have been acutely aware of how fortunate we have been to be able to do this whilst many have been going through hell.

The amazing weather for much of the lockdown period gave us some incredible sunsets which we’ve captured using drone photography. The ‘stay at home’ message has meant the we’ve taken some great shots whilst launching from our garden. Angles that I’ve never really thought of before but were quite literally on my doorstep.

Sunset Drone Photography
Crackington Haven Sunset Drone Photograph

Here at Apex we’ve spent much of lockdown building a new website to launch us into the new world that awaits. In many ways the world is a very different place to how it was 4 months ago however there is now an even greater need to promote and market our businesses.

During lockdown myself and my family have found ourselves shopping a lot more from small local suppliers and using supermarkets much less. I truly hope that many of you have found yourselves doing the same and hope that we all continue to do so. I think we should all aim to support local businesses more than we did in the past, shop less from the big online retailers and help each other out.

Post Lockdown Business Boost

With that in mind I’d like to think that our film & photography services can be utilised by the many local businesses in Cornwall and Devon.

We can help make your business stand out by giving it a boost with our professional film and photography services. Whatever your line of business, video can be an incredible marketing tool for your website or social media.

Offering both aerial and ground based still photography and video production we can fully showcase your business, products or property.

Our flexible services can be tailored to your exact requirements ensuring that your expectations are met. Whether you want a simple single still photograph for printed media or a short film for your website or social media we can meet your requirements and budget.

We understand budgets are tight but we also are aware of the need to promote, promote and promote some more.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and request a quotation.

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