Harvest 2020

A regular customer recently asked us to film their harvesting operations at the end of the summer.

With a very unpredictable weather forecast for the week ahead but with potential windows of opportunity, we were on stand-by should conditions become favourable. I knew that this was always going to be a short notice mobilisation but I wasn’t quite prepared for how short notice.

On a sunny September afternoon at around 3:00pm whilst on my way to another job, I got the call. “The boys are harvesting now and will be again tomorrow, would you be able to come down straight away?” A quick check of the forecast confirmed that ‘now’ was indeed the best opportunity and the possibility of some beautiful late afternoon and early evening light beckoned.

After a quick change of plan, a dash home to get the appropriate kit, re-check Dronedesk for updates to any NOTAMs etc, I was on site around 1 1/2hrs after the call.

Filming solo, I was using the DJI Mavic 2 Pro which was the perfect tool for the job. With great flight times and portability I was able to film from a number of take-off locations and cover a lot of farm land.

A short version of the resulting film can be seen here.

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