Aerial Images for EWT @ United Utilities

Power your Business

Building on our relationship with EWT wind turbines from the The Netherlands, we were recently commissioned by them to capture aerial images of their installations at United Utilities Waste Water Treatment Works.

The brief was to highlight the use of wind energy in an industrial environment and show of it can be effectively utilised to ‘power your business’.

The sites chosen were in Liverpool and Fleetwood which necessitated a lengthy road trip up from Cornwall.  Lee and I ended up driving through some of the craziest thunderstorms I have seen since my time in Hong Kong.

With all the best planning in the world the weather can never be guaranteed and we were therefore delighted to be greeted by a perfect day for flying and filming when we awoke after a pleasant night in Knutsford.

Our workhorse Freefly Cinestar 8 rig combined with the Freefly MOVI-5 gimbal and Lumix GH-4 performed the task perfectly and gave great aerial images for EWT.

Long may this relationship with EWT continue!

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