The Freefly MOVI-5MR gimbal provides the best 3-axis camera stabilisation system available for multi rotor platforms and works perfectly with our Lumix GH-4 camera. The brushless motors provide an exceptional balance of performance and weight resulting in silky smooth footage.

The camera operator has full control of pan and tilt leaving the ‘copter pilot to concentrate of flying. The camera operator’s FPV monitor allows each shot to be framed exactly as required and allows the client to have as much input as necessary.

Although we primarily operate with the MOVI-5 in airborne mode coupled to our Cinestar 8, we can also convert it to handheld mode for ground based filming.

The MOVI-5 from Freefly Systems has proved itself as one of the industry leading camera stabilisation systems on the market and its name is synonymous with quality and professionalism.

Freefly Movi-5 Gimbal
Freefly Movi-5 Gimbal in handheld mode