As part of our development we are purchasing an entirely new rig to allow us to film aerial footage in stunning 4K quality whilst providing the best possible service.

We will soon be taking delivery of a Cinestar 8-500 Octocopter which is an industry ‘go-to’ heavy lift multi-rotor platform used by many professionals. Coupled to this we will be using the Freefly MOVI-5 3-axis brushless gimbal to stabilise our camera.

In addition to using the MOVI-5 gimbal on the ‘copter, we will also have the facility to use it as a hand held rig to allow us to film silky smooth footage from the ground.

The new camera we have decided on is the Panasonic Lumix GH-4 which is ruffling feathers in the industry with its incredible performance and stunning results. Released in May, the GH-4 boasts 4k and Variable Frame Rates (VFR) up to 96fps.

The system is currently being built for us by our friends at Hexicam Aerials in Ireland and we hope to take delivery towards the end of August.